David Moyes Apologises for Threatening to Slap Female Reporter; Confirms He “Can Change”

moyes 450x450

David Moyes has confirmed he can change after being caught threatening to slap a female reporter, it has emerged.

The Sunderland boss said: “I know what I done was wrong and I’ve made mistakes in the past but if she just gives me one more chance, I can prove that I can change.”

“I’m really not like that.

“All that wasn’t me – I was ill at the time and she knew how to press my buttons and did. I don’t know why she makes me do these things.”

“I think it’s because I love her too much!”

“And it was the alcohol.”

The female reporter said: “It was probably my own fault. I bring these things on myself. David isn’t that sort of guy. He gets really upset after it happens. He’s promised that he’s going to give up the drink and he’s going to be the interviewee I deserve!”



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