Arsenal Board Unable to Decide Wenger Future After “Conflicting Messages in the Sky from God”

wenger 450 x 450

The Arsenal board has confirmed it does not know what decision to take about Arsene Wenger’s future after two conflicting messages were sent by God in the sky during yesterday’s game, it has emerged.

One message read ‘In Wenger We Trust #respect AW’ and one read ‘No Contract #Wenger out’

A spokesperson for the board said: “We saw a message in the sky essentially saying stick with Wenger; which we’re almost certain was a message from God, but then God proceeded to send another message saying no new contract for Wenger, which has really confused us.

We really now don’t know what to do.

It seems like a bit of a test from the Lord; a bit like when he punked Abraham by telling him to kill his son and then changed his mind at the last minute when Abraham was just about to go through with it.”

God has confirmed that although he doesn’t support Arsenal, like the rest of the general population, he enjoys winding them up “for a laugh”.

Arsene Wenger has said that he did not see the incident clearly, but confirmed he is thinking about giving thought to his future and may or may not let everyone know soon.



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