Ex-Referee Thinks Ibrahimovic Should Be Banned for 3 Games, Despite No One Asking or Caring for His Opinion

referee 450x450


A former referee has waded into the Ibrahimovic-Mings debate suggesting the Swede should be banned for 3 games, despite no one actually caring or asking what he thinks on the matter.

Mike Saunders who used to be a Premier League referee, and now makes a living stating the obvious in long-winded ways for low-brow news functions, as well as appearing on z-list TV shows to desperately stay in the limelight, said: “In my opinion, elbowing someone in the face is really dangerous and against the rules”.

“Ibrahimovic’s elbow makes contact with the face and is thrown deliberately, and that, for me, makes it a deliberate elbow to the face.”

“Elbows in the face are dangerous.”

“And I therefore think he should be banned for 3 games for dangerous play.”

An FA spokesperson said: “It’s a good job Mike confirmed that deliberate elbows are against the rules and dangerous – we really weren’t sure.”



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