Sanchez to be Sold for “Making Arsenal too Good”


Alexis Sanchez has been dropped and will be sold in the summer for making Arsenal potential title contenders, it has been revealed.

The Chilean winger has been a standout performer since moving to the Emirates and Arsene Wenger is now concerned he may make the club a realistic title contender.


Wenger said: “Unfortunately, Alexis is the sort of player you can really build a title winning side around, and that doesn’t really fit what I’m trying to achieve here. Too much success too quickly is careless and bad for the club and the fans. Look what is happening to Leicester. Constistency is key to our Premier League survival.


“With his ability, it will make just battling for a Champions League spot and nothing more, a difficult challenge; so I’ve decided to freeze him out and sell him.”


An Arsenal spokesperson has confirmed that once Wenger has sold Sanchez and reaffirmed them as the perennial bridesmaids, the manager will be offered a four year contract extension.


The spokesperson said: “We understand that fans are like shareholders and they’d rather see profit than worry too much about success.


Wenger has reassured fans that Yaya Sanogo is ready and willing fill the void left by Alexis.

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