Mexicans Concerned They Won’t Get Their Ball Back from New Neighbour If It Goes over Wall


Mexicans have confirmed that they are concerned about getting their balls back from new neighbour, Donald Trump, if they accidentally kick them over his new wall.

Citizens of Mexico have said their biggest concern about Trump’s new proposed wall.

Mexican, Ramon Gonzalez, said: “We’ve had a new neighbour move in recently and he wants to build a new wall between us.

“We’ve heard he’s a right d*ck and doesn’t like anyone going in his yard, even just to get their ball back.”

Donald Trump has said: “If any Mexican balls come into my yard, I’ll pop them! I’ll pop them all! Very bad! Very wrong!

“And I will make them pay for the bullets we’ll use to shoot them with!”

He added, incoherently: “Mexican footballs coming into the US is a tremendous problem. They cause of a lot of our problems! Crime. Wages. Tremendous hatred.”



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