Liverpool Tell Mane They Have Really Big Secret to Tell Him; but He Has to Return to Club to Find Out


Liverpool have contacted Senegal and asked them to tell Sadio Mane that they have a “really big secret to tell him”, but he must return to Liverpool to find out what it is.

The playmaker is currently away with Senegal at the African cup of nations and the Merseyside club have sorely missed his services.

A Senegal spokesperson said: “We’re aware that Liverpool have been constantly contacting Sadio trying to lure him back to Liverpool.”

“They asked us to pass on a message the other day to Sadio that they had a “really urgent super secret to tell him”, but he’d need to “return straight away for them to tell him.”

“That was the latest in a long line of messages we’ve been asked to pass on including telling Sadio that there’s a big sale on at JD Sports in Liverpool for a limited time only; Studge is having a big party this Saturday and everyone is going to be there; and the canteen has started selling turkey twizzlers – which are Sadio’s favourite.”

Liverpool have refuted accusations that they are just trying to lure Mane back due to a worrying lack of depth in the squad, stating “We’ve got loads of other strikers. The fact that none of them can score is irrelevant. There really is a huge secret. Perhaps Sadio should come back to the club before our next home game, and we can explain it to him in person.”



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