Former Sky Sports presenter, Richard Keys, thinks “women should be allowed to play football”

Today, equal rights campaigner and former Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys held a press conference to mark the launch of his latest venture – a campaign to allow women to play football, it has emerged.


The National Organisation for Girls Involvement in Regional and Local Soccer (or N.O.G.I.R.L.S) has been set up with the help of colleague and fellow campaigner Andy Gray, with the aim of changing the public’s perception of women’s football. The two men who have been strong advocates of equal rights in recent times, hope they can raise awareness, support and funding in all areas of the women’s game.


From the park bench and home he shares with Andy Gray, Keys, who was sacked from his role at Sky Sports for ‘undisclosed reasons’, said: “There’s actually science to show that women’s brains are nearly as big as men’s and me and Andy think it’s important that women should be allowed to have a go at football too – as we’ve learned that in fact they are only slightly below men in the social hierarchy.


“Of course they’ll be rubbish at it and in the long run they’re better off doing more domestic based chores, but the point is they should be allowed to have a go!”


Keys added: “We’re campaigning for them to have their very own kit and everything – with short skirts and low cut tops – as they’ll probably want to look their best for the games”


When asked about what he would like to achieve through the campaign, fellow campaigner, Andy Gray, said: “I’d love to smash them…it!! I’d love to smash it – the campaign”



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