Barton: “I once fought Chuck Norris, and won!”


Joey Barton has been making outlandish claims to the media, claiming he once “fought Chuck Norris, and won”, it has been confirmed.

The Burnley midfielder has also made unbelievable assertions that Arsenal attempted to sign him in 2011, shortly before he signed for QPR.

A spokesperson for Arsenal said: “No we f*cking didn’t!!!”

Barton released a statement saying: “Why does no one believe anything I say?

“People don’t seem to ever believe me – people just think I’m some untrustworthy moron. But I’m actually really intelligent – I just don’t go around using big words to try and make myself sound osmosis! I was on bloody Question Time.

“Anyway, it wasn’t just Arsenal either. I had Barca, Real Madrid, Inter, Bayern and Brazil trying to sign me. I just felt QPR had the most youth team players I could get away with putting cigarettes out on!”


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