Man Utd v Liverpool Hasn’t Been “the Biggest Game of the Season” for Almost 30 Years, Experts Confirm


The game between Manchester Utd and Liverpool hasn’t been “the biggest game of the season” for 30 years, despite incessant claims by both set of fans to the contrary.

The game between the two clubs is consistently touted as “the biggest game of the season”, despite it having had very little meaning for a long time now.

Prof. Jon Cranford from the Institute of Spurious Footballing Claims said: “After extensive research, we can confirm that nobody gives anymore of a sh*t about this game than any other games throughout the season, apart from the two clubs themselves. In fact for the last four years it’s been a mid-table battle with the highest stakes being who might for the sh*tting Europa League.”

“The two clubs are like a couple over-the-hill boxers desperately trying to convince everyone of their relevance. It’s not a derby game, there’s no silverware at stake, nobody cares, stop going on about it!”

Prof. Cranford added that, as with any game, it is acceptable to call it the “biggest game of the season” when attempting to explain why you cannot go to Ikea with your girlfriend/wife.

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