Rail Workers to Strike Until West Ham Agree to Payet Transfer Request


Southern Rail and London Underground employees are showing solidarity with Dimitri Payet by carrying out strike action until West Ham grant his transfer request.

Trade Union representatives called the rail workers’ strikes after it emerged last week that Payet was unhappy with his £125,000 per week contract at the Hammers and wanted to go to a bigger club.

Mike Stanwick, a Southern Rail train operator and trade union rep said: “It’s bloody disgraceful the way West Ham have treated Dimitri. He must be living hand-to-mouth on that wage.

“And how dare they expect him to actually turn up and play for the club based only on the fact that they have invested an enormous amount of money into his development.

“I for one am not going back to work until West Ham United give in to his perfectly reasonable demands.”

Payet said that he was grateful for the support from rail workers, and confirmed that he would absolutely not sacrifice his wages if the roles were reversed.


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