FA Cup Not ‘Magical’ at All, Scientists Confirm


The FA Cup doesn’t produce any actual magic, scientists have revealed.

The footballing world has today been left in shock after the revelation that the FA Cup does not actually contain any magic at all.

Scientist, John Kearns said: “It appears that despite extensive claims, this cup has no magical powers whatsoever. In fact, we’ve concluded that this is all merely metaphorical rhetoric cooked up in a bid to sell a competition to players and fans which no one really cares about anymore.”

“Furthermore, we suspect managers are fuelling the notion to convince gullible, fringe players that playing in the competition is actually a privilege.”

Liverpool star Daniel Sturridge said: “It is magical! It’s so magical that we actually take it even more seriously than Premier League fixtures. In fact, the FA Cup is trumped only by the League Cup… the gaffer says that’s why he saves me for the domestic cup competitions… because they are so special!”

The FA have refuted the claim and have confirmed that football actually has its roots in the wizarding sport of Quidditch.


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