Ozil: “FA Cup Worse Than Wenger’s Sh*tty Pants”


Arsenal attacker Mesut Ozil is not enamoured by the prospect of playing in the FA Cup, it has emerged.

The Cup, famed for its cliched ‘David vs Goliath’ type encounters, which are bound to be awful footballing spectacles played out on dreadful boggy surfaces, or on ice, or in zero-visibility fog – is seemingly not exciting the German playmaker.

Ozil said: “I’d rather handwash Arsene’s incontinence pants than play Preston away.

“There’s literally nothing good about January. It’s f*cking freezing, everyone is banging on about dry January and we are supposed to travel all the way up to f*cking Preston South-End to play in a match that realistically our under 18s could win.

“If Wenger tries to make me play I’ll tell that old pr*ck I’m joining Spurs on a free at the end of next season.”

Ozil confirmed that he will be happy to play should Arsenal reach the semi final and take credit for any success.


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