China Offer £200m, an Imperial Palace and All Their Tea for Wayne Rooney


Manchester United are reportedly mulling over a bid from China of £200m; an Imperial Palace; and all the Tea in China for Manchester United striker, Wayne Rooney, it has been reported.

A China spokesperson said: “Buying western football players is the new hobby in China and signing a Wayne Rooney in his prime would be a real coup.”

“We’ve made a conservative opening offer for Wayne with a view to negotiating further.”

“Some people may think we’ve already offered a lot, but squat, balding men with funny accents are very valuable here and are seen as a token of good luck…we also think there’s potential move him into world of Sumo wrestling too in the future, so the earning potential is phenomenal.”

Rumours are that China are willing to improve their offer to include their Great Wall and/or Obafemi Martins, to secure the services of Rooney, should it be necessary.

Wayne Rooney is reported to be keen and has asked if that’s where his Chinese takeaways all come from.

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