Mike Dean “Red Carded His Elderly Mother at Family Christmas Dinner”

Referee Mike Dean reportedly showed his mum a red card at the Dean family Christmas dinner for an act of ‘deliberately diverting attention from Mike Dean’, it has emerged.

Dean, who has been at the centre of controversy following his red card to Feghouli in the West Ham United vs. Manchester United match, is reported to have showed his mum a red card at the Christmas dinner table.

A Dean family member said: “Mike always turns up to family events dressed in his full referee outfit and is always brandishing his cards at family members for various things. He always makes a big deal out of it and causes a big scene too.

“At Christmas dinner this year, he red carded his mum because everybody’s attention was on her as she was telling a hilarious work anecdote.

“Mike brandished his red card and banished her from the room as soon as he realised he had gone 15 minutes without being centre stage. He claimed was actually an official FA rule.”

A spokesperson from the FA said: “We’ve spoken to Mike about this before. He seems to genuinely think that his red card is applicable in every aspect of life, not just on the pitch – he seems to have no idea when he should actually be using it!

“We’ve also advised him that he only needs to wear his referee uniform whilst refereeing matches, but we’ve come to the conclusion he just likes the attention he gets from it.

“Needless to say, we’ll be having further words about the latest couple of incidents.”

Mike Dean has reportedly threatened to show the FA his red card, should they question any of his decisions.


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