Pep Guardiola Found to Be a Woman in Disguise, After World’s Most Passive-Aggressive Interview

Scientists have confirmed that Pep Guardiola must actually be a woman in disguise after they studied the Spaniard’s post-match interview following City’s 2-1 victory over Burnley, it has emerged.

Scientist Mark Dandy from the Institute of Football Studies said: “Following extensive research into the post-match interview, we can confirm that Guardiola must in fact, be a woman in disguise”

“The short answers; refusal to disclose that there’s any problem when asked; passive-aggression; subtle sarcasm; and the leaving of the reporter with the feeling that nothing he could say could possibly be right or diffuse the situation – only a woman could so effectively combine these actions unnecessarily and fire them at the person who has done nothing wrong.”

“It’s simply the only conclusion we can draw.”

When a clearly upset Guardiola was asked if he was ok following the revelation, he responded: “I’m fine.”

Watch Guardiola’s post-match match interview with Sky Sports HERE

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