Allardyce to Fight Harry the Hornet on Joshua-Klitschko Undercard

The grudge match, Allardyce vs Harry the Hornet, will take place on the undercard of the Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko fight, it has been announced.

In what will probably be the only chance each will have to appear at Wembley Stadium, Allardyce will seek to settle his score with Harry the Hornet after the Watford mascot disrespectfully mocked Palace winger Wilfried Zaha’s embarrassing dive after their recent Premier League 1-1 draw.

Allardyce said: “No, I’m not going to just drop it. It is important to settle this score. More important than my team’s form.

“Also, it’s nice for Palace fans to have a day out at Wembley to look forward to.”

Harry the Hornet said: “Big Sam can bring it on. He’s just a washed out bum who’s never won anything.

“Maybe Zaha can give him some tips on how to stay on his feet… oh wait.”

Few expect this one to go the full distance as Allardyce will probably take a dive in the fourth round for £400,000.

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