Zlatan Confuses Himself by Talking in the Third Person

Manchester United star, Zlatan Ibrahimović has become confused after talking about himself in the third person too much, it has been confirmed.

The Swedish striker, known for his flamboyance, self-confidence and regular reference to himself in the third person, was seen wandering around Manchester City Centre in his dressing gown asking passers-by if they knew someone called Zlatan and where he could be found.

The meltdown was triggered in a recent TV appearance when the striker told an interviewer that he should “let Zlatan worry about Zlatan’s form.”

Reflecting on the incident, Ibrahimović said: “All of a sudden I wasn’t sure which of the Zlatan’s that I was talking about was me… if any at all.”

It later emerged that Zlatan had actually slipped into talking about himself in the fourth person and wasn’t able to cope with the complexity of the concept.

He is now thought to be considering changing the name of one of the Zlatan’s that he talks about, in a bid to help him and others establish what the fuck he’s on about.

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