Roberto Firmino “Someone Spiked My Vodka with Lemonade!”

Roberto Firmino has claimed that somebody must have spiked his Vodka with lemonade, after being caught with a Vodka lemonade drink, it has emerged.

Firmino, who was charged with Drink Driving on Christmas Eve, has claimed that his drink must have been spiked with lemonade, saying: “Everybody knows I don’t drink namby-pamby mixers with my drinks. I’d never intentionally drink that sh*t”

“I like my drinks straight with no chasers, so this is all a bit of a stitch up!”

“Hopefully my family understand it was all a misunderstanding and I’d never purposefully drink a mixer with my drink. It goes against everything I stand for and believe in.”

A police spokesperson said: “We recently pulled Mr Firmino for drink driving – we might have let it go, but we had a tip he’d been drinking a vodka lemonade, which everyone knows is a namby-pamby drink, so we decided to bring him in and charge him.”

“Mr Firmino tried to tell the officers he’d only been drinking vodka neat before driving and not mixers, but we had evidence to suggest otherwise.”

Fellow professional Yaya Toure, has also come forward as a victim of having his spirits spiked with lemonade in recent weeks.

Jurgen Klopp is said to be furious with Firmino for the incident saying: “This is totally unacceptable. What sort of example is this setting for young children? They’ll see this and all think it’s acceptable to grow up to be namby-pamby mixer drinkers!”


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