Joey Barton Bet He Would Get Caught Placing Bets

Former Rangers and Burnley midfielder, Joey Barton, has admitted that he bet that the FA would catch him gambling, it has emerged.

Barton, 34, and originally from Liverpool has been charged by the FA for placing 1,260 bets over the last 10 years.
But it has emerged that this was all part of Barton‘s master plan to win a bet that he would be caught and suspended for betting.
Barton said: “You would think, given how much of a scumbag I am, that I would have been caught sooner. But I kept putting bets on and the idiot FA kept failing to catch me!”
“To be fair, I did make it difficult for them by wearing a number of disguises, including a moustache and glasses combo.”
“But they’ve caught me, finally, and now I’ve won the ultimate bet!”
It’s not the only bet Barton won; he also won a bet that he is a massive tw*t, although the odds were much shorter on that one.
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