Sakho Banished to the U-18s Christmas Party

Jurgen Klopp has told Mamadou Sakho that he has to attend the under 18s Christmas party this year, and not the first team’s, it has emerged.

The defender, 26, who has been out of favour all season since his indiscretion at the start of the season, has now been told that he is only allowed to attend the under 18s, alcohol-free Christmas party and also has to do their secret Santa and not the first team or even the reserve team’s.

Klopp said: “I’ve told Mama he has been banned from the first-team Christmas party this year, but is allowed to attend the under-18s alcohol-free party.

“He is also to do secret Santa with the under 18 boys this year. He hasn’t been very well behaved this year, and that’s what happens to naughty boys.”

Sakho is said to be both upset and frustrated at the decision.

Sakho said: “It’s so unfair. The Christmas party is the thing everybody looks forward to all year! I’d got my best tux ready and submitted my order from the menu as soon as the email came round. Then I find out that I’m not allowed to go.”

“It’s really frustrating because apparently there is a free bar this year!”

“I’d also already got my hilarious secret Santa present sorted too. I just wish the boss could see that I’ve matured and grown up since pre-season.”

Sakho is now said to be weighing up his options about whether to use the inflatable penis with Klopp’s face drawn on it, for the under 18s secret Santa, or whether to buy something else.


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