Jonjo Shelvey: “How Can I Be Racist? All My Best Friends Are Black”

Newcastle midfielder, Jonjo Shelvey, has claimed that he can’t possibly be racist as all of his best friends are black.

Shelvey, 26, was this week banned by the FA for five games and fined £100,000 for racially abusing another player.

However, the former Charlton and Liverpool man has confirmed that he knows numerous black people and that he will appeal the charge.

Shelvey said: “The FA have made a mistake! Yes, I might have aggressively thrown about the N word a few times, but since I have black mates, I can’t be racist! It’s just how we speak to each other.”

“In fact, I share many of the same interests as them too, such as hip hop music; basketball; and Nandos.”

“Based on this, I feel I have strong grounds to appeal the ban, so I’ll be informing the FA about my affiliations and interests.”

Shelvey confirmed he has discussed the matter with his local MP and the UKIP representative agreed he has grounds to appeal.
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