Marcos Rojo Trying to Get Banned for Christmas Period

Manchester United defender, Marcos Rojo, has been trying to get himself banned over the Christmas period by two-tackling everyone, it has emerged.

The defender, 26, who has been involved in two controversial tackles in Manchester United’s last two games, has actually been trying to get himself banned for some time off over the festive period so he can spend more time at home in Argentina.
Rojo said: “I did request annual leave over Christmas, but the boss rejected it saying “unfortunately we’re expecting a very busy period over Christmas and the maximum number of people have already booked it off”, so I figured this was the only way I could get a decent break.”
“It’s really frustrating though; I’ve done two horrendous tackles in the last couple of games in a bid to get some time off over Christmas, but the bloody refs keep letting me get away with it.”
“I guess that’s what happens when you play for Man Utd.”
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