Bob Bradley Revealed to Be Twitter’s USA Soccer Guy

Swansea city manager, Bob Bradley, has been revealed as Twitter’s USA soccer guy, @usasoccerguy, it has emerged.

The account which has achieved cult status amongst football fans, is actually the twitter handle of the American Swansea City manager.

Swansea city chairman Huw Jenkins revealed that the account was integral in the appointment of Bradley. Jenkins said: “When we found out that Bob was actually Twitter’s USA Soccer guy, we knew right away we’d found the right man for the job.”

“It’s clear from the account and his tweets that he really knows his stuff, despite being American.”

“Some of his tweets were real revelations – I mean who knew that Everton’s nickname was actually ‘the soccer candies’ or that a header is actually technically called a ‘head kick’.”

“His revelations and courage to speak out have challenged deep-rooted traditions and quite frankly have really made some people in the game look very silly!”

“Some people even still call the England team the ‘three lions’ instead of the ‘three lines’. The idiots!”

Jenkins confirmed that he is optimistic that Bradley can “take the Sea Swans onto the next level.”


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