Gary Lineker Caught Eating Packet of McCoys Crisps

MOTD presenter and Walkers ambassador, Gary Lineker, has been caught eating McCoys crisps, it has emerged.

Lineker, who is synonymous with the Walkers brand, was pictured working his way through a bag of Flame Grilled Steak McCoys crisps.

Walker crisps are said to be furious at the pictures and a spokesperson said: “We pay Gary a lot of money to exclusively eat our crisps. It’s bad enough that he wants to eat other foods, let alone crisps from a competitor!

“He won’t be getting any discount on our crisps from now on, the jug eared pr*ck!”

A friend of Lineker’s said: “Gary said he just couldn’t resist the thicker cut and ridgy texture of McCoys compared to Walkers. He feels really bad about it all and said he felt dirty the whole time he was doing it.”

As a reprieve, Lineker has offered to do his next Walkers advert in his underpants.

A spokesperson for Walkers said: “I don’t know how many times we have to tell Gary that everything can’t be solved by him just stripping down to his underpants!” 


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