Man Hides Football Manager Addiction by Claiming He’s Cheating on Girlfriend

A man has attempted to cover up his football manager addiction to his girlfriend, by claiming he has been cheating on her, it has emerged.

Steve Briggs, 27, from Cheshire was confronted by his girlfriend after repeatedly sneaking out of bed at night to go to Internet cafes to play football manager.

Briggs said: “my girlfriend woke up one night when I was trying to sneak out and angrily asked me where I was going”

“She said she’d noticed me creeping out from bed a number of times”

“I didn’t want her to find out I had  been playing Football Manager again. She’d already banned me from playing after I missed our flight for a holiday to Kavos, after one all night session at WiFi cafe. So this time I told her I have  been sneaking out and cheating on her with my ex.”

“She’s not happy about it and it’s really put a strain on our relationship. I’m having to go to couples counselling, but at least I’m still playing and on course to get Shrewsbury Town into the Premier League”


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