Jack Wilshere Is “Half Gingerbread Man” Scientists Confirm

Arsenal midfielder, Jack Wilshere, is actually half gingerbread man, scientists have confirmed.

Wilshere, 24, whose career has been wrought with injury has actually found to be 50% made of gingerbread man, after extensive studies.

Sports scientist John Fields confirmed: “After investigating Jack’s DNA and genomes, we’ve actually mapped them back to a line of gingerbread men. This therefore means that he is at least half made of gingerbread – which would explain his constant injuries”

“In effect, Wilshere is 50% biscuit. So it’s no surprise he gets injured every time he’s involved in a challenge.”

Arsene Wenger has denied that this revelation is the reason he sent Wilshere out on loan this season to Bournemouth, saying: “I love gingerbread men – they’re delicious and I think that Jack has the potential to be a world class gingerbread man!”


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