Kasper Schmeichel “Furious” at Dad for Naming Him After Ghost

Kasper Schmeichel is reportedly furious with his father, Peter, for naming him after a ghost, it has emerged.

The Leicester goalkeeper, who enjoyed a triumphant season last season feels that his name means opposing players don’t take him seriously.

Kasper said: “Yes dad was a great coach to me when I was younger, but that doesn’t automatically make him a good father. I mean, he named me after a friendly ghost, for f*cks sake! I’m pretty p*ssed off about it to be honest”.

“As a goalkeeper, I’m in the goal trying to intimidate and impose myself on people – and I’m named after a ghost…and a friendly one at that!”

“It’s bad enough, but he couldn’t even spell it right, for f*ck sake!”

Kasper’s three brothers: Fatso, Stinky and Stretch commented that they felt Kasper is being unnecessarily unfair on their dad, saying it is all probably just a coincidence.


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