Wenger & Mourinho to Appear on Jeremy Kyle

Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho are set to appear on ‘The Jeremy Kyle Show’ to resolve their long-term feud over whether Arsene Wenger is “a voyeur”, it has emerged.

The FA felt compelled to approach daytime TV talk show host, Jeremy Kyle, to resolve the ongoing feud between the Premier League managers after their latest spat.

An FA spokesperson said: “We hope that by sending them onto the Jeremy Kyle show to do a lie detector test, we can find out whether Arsene Wenger is actually a voyeur and is obsessed with Jose as previously claimed and that that will settle this once and for all.”

Jeremy Kyle is famed for being able to resolve ongoing feuds with his straight-talking, no-nonsense approach and regularly remedies the problems of Britain’s couples, so if anyone can do it, he can.”

Jose Mourinho has said he is looking forward to going on the show to prove that Arsene Wenger has been secretly watching him for the last 11 years, but said it might be “difficult” for Jeremy Kyle to fairly judge the situation as he has ties to North London.

Arsene Wenger has released a statement saying he is looking forward to clearing his name, but has warned that he did not see the incident clearly.

Ofcom is currently investigating Mourinho’s comments and deciding whether to charge the Premier League manager with breaching pre-talk show comments.


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